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Why are new energy vehicles more expensive?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Why are new energy vehicles more expensive?

The advantage of electric vehicles in environmental protection has opened a clear price advantage between electric vehicles and traditional vehicles.More specific differences between the two are:

1. Engine: if it is a pure electric car, the essential difference between it and traditional cars is the engine system. Traditional cars use internal combustion engine, which releases energy through combustion in the fuel cylinder to drive the piston to do work, thus generating kinetic energy.The engine of an electric car is driven by a number of battery modules, which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and generate kinetic energy to drive the car.That's the difference on the engine.

2, environmental protection engineering problem: car as long as there is in the traditional sense of the internal combustion engine fuel combustion must exhaust problems, because of the gasoline can release a large number of harmful gas in the combustion process, so the vehicle emissions is a great environmental problem, the electric car is different, discarded, remove battery scrap after electric basic is zero pollution of the environment, because there are no emissions electric cars don't even need to exhaust pipe, which is why now the government is to encourage and promote the development and popularization of electric vehicle technology.

3, maintenance problem: because of the burning of gas internal combustion engine cylinder piston movement and a series of mechanical movement need regular maintenance, oil, spark plugs and so on all need to change in time, the engine to maintain the high cost and process of heavy and complicated, electric cars, maintenance is simple, the working principle of motor is through the current, so the regular maintenance of the battery and motor.

4, performance issues: general ability of the acceleration of a conventional car basic is in 7 ~ 10 seconds to 100 km per hour, some large displacement or supercar need 3 ~ 7 seconds, but the fuel economy can say no, and price is simply can't afford to ordinary consumers, and the acceleration of electric vehicles could easily reach levels under 6 seconds, this is because the current soon in a few seconds, and can reach the maximum, and higher efficiency.

Electric vehicle (BEV) refers to a vehicle that is powered by on-board power supply, drives the wheels with motor, and meets the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations.As the impact on the environment is relatively small compared to traditional cars, its prospects are promising.