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​Which is better for Small Street Legal Vehicles?48v 60v
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Which is better for Small Street Legal Vehicles?48v 60v

1.It is reasonable to choose the electric bicycle with 48V.According to electrical operation rules, under 48V dc is safe voltage, in line with safety regulations.

2. For the choice of electric bicycle battery, its capacity is also very important.The battery with a capacity of 48v also has a long running time.For example: 14AH, 12AH, 10AH, etc., priority should be given to the purchase of Small Street Legal Vehicles with large capacity batteries.

3. The power of the electric bicycle is large or small, which is independent of the battery voltage and only related to the output power of the motor. The higher the power of the motor, the greater the load capacity of Small Street Legal Vehicles.

In fact, each has its own good, such as the price of 48V less ah, 60V speed is not changed, just starting strong, a bit more mileage, generally new battery in 25 degrees flat road cycling alone, 48V run around 45 kilometers 60V run around 70 kilometers.