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Where is the future for China's Electric Golf Carts with Doors manufacturers
- Aug 24, 2018 -

China's Electric Golf Carts with Doors manufacturers appear to be on a downward trend after global electric carmaker tesla announced it would build a factory in the country.

Where is the future for domestic electric car brands?

In the past few years, the domestic new-build car industry has been shuffled several times. Some people are cheated with PPT, and some people just don't have products to play with.

There is a big difference between the auto industry and the Internet industry. The Internet industry is a winner all over the world.

The chance of an oligopoly in the car industry is small. By getting the brand, product, marketing and service right, you get a slice of the lucrative pie.

New energy vehicles, as a new direction, are even more promising.

However, for the new players, there is a very high threshold of the auto industry before the entry, and the traditional auto enterprises have high profits of fuel vehicles and follow the industry trends. How to choose their own brand and product positioning is quite a key thing.

Luxury cars are expensive and profitable, but with that comes a greater investment in brand marketing and a higher threshold for the most basic products.

The entry-level models are cheaper to ship, but it's clear that older players are more likely to gain an edge with their own control of supply chains and production capacity, and new players have less room to live.

Li bin and he xiaopeng about the bet of mass production capacity, I don't want to say more in this article today, because from the perspective of an ordinary consumer, even if li bin completes the bet of production of 10,000 ES8 by the end of the year, it is not a very proud thing.

The 10, 000 cars are matched by a national market that has been encouraged by new energy support policies, as well as product openings across the market.

The number of electric cars in Beijing is set for 2026, but there are still many people who don't know which car to choose even if they have new energy license plates.

Build electric car in China, want to stare a lot of users?

However, compared to the gambling, two comments made by li xueling, the founder of YY and the investor of xiaopeng automobile, under his friend circle are more interesting --

First, it is "In China, by accturns the users of electric cars into the same user base as Pinduoduo wins".

Second, "Do not face urban white-collworkers to build cars, to build those for rural use cars.He who wins a diaosi wins the world", that is, "Do not stare at urban white-collar workers to build cars, but keep an eye on the users who work hard to build cars.

That is to say, making a car has to learn a lot.

Note: instead of learning to cheat like crazy, learn to find the right user base and then expand like crazy.

The original business vision and development path of douduo really inspired the new car industry.

There is a "about us" on the PDD website, which contains the original vision of PDD: the core competitiveness of PDD lies in innovative models and high-quality and low-price products.

In more than three years from the establishment to the IPO, a lot of new car companies are learning about the huge brand investment and the growth mode of user scale.

Take a look back at the best selling cars in China.

In China's auto market in July, the top three models of sedan sales are corolla, xilang and xuanyi, all of which are around 100,000 yuan, and the average selling price of SUV in the top three may be lower.

Around 100000, the largest car market, but all of the top a few sales is joint venture models, there is not a pure homebred brand, it illustrates a problem: cheap apparently alone is not rob sales, Chinese consumers have a good impression on imported cars, joint venture car, means of doing the same price models, domestic brands than joint venture and imported brand products more competitive and their features, just can have good public praise positive cycle to achieve sales.