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What specific configuration function does four-wheel old step car have?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The use of four-wheel old car is widely used in the group of elderly people. The configuration of the four-wheel old car is more important when the old car is used, which determines the safety of the elderly people. In this paper, the manufacturer explains the use of the configuration function according to the four-wheel old car.

For old people to use four rounds of elderly walking car safety seat, from the structure of the seat, four-wheel elderly walking car seats are in the form of a support arm and seat, the old man on the seat, all under the weight depends on the seat of a strut, the car jolt unceasingly in the form of shaking, chair of the old man also swayed, over time, the support arm due to the uneven force, and the seat links are easily broken, so the manufacturer is in reaction to the phenomenon produced seat building steel structure is relatively safe seats all manufacturers.

Turn round old car instead of walking in safety performance, the manufacturer also adopted the high quality on the configuration of safety performance, four-wheel elderly walking car of small volume, removing the shell size, actual size on both sides of the wheel on the ground in the distance is less than 60 cm, even less than 50 cm, which means wheel base is very narrow, so narrow wheel track, when the car in a sharp turn, it is easy to occur, the manufacturer is in reaction to the phenomenon, in order to the security of old people deliberately increased the four-wheel elderly margin on the wheels of the car instead of walking, in order to increase the safety performance is turning.

The above content is the simple four-wheel old car manufacturer to its configuration safety performance analysis, the specific content welcome to call this factory.