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What role can the controller of an electric four-wheel car in an iron case play?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

It is also very common in life for electric four-wheeled vehicles with iron shells. What role can the controller of electric four-wheeled vehicles with iron shells play?

Let's analyze it:

The controller is composed of peripheral device and main chip (or single chip).

Peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as execution, sampling, etc., they are resistance, sensor, bridge switch circuit, as well as the devices that assist single chip microcomputer or special integrated circuit to complete the control process.

Microcontroller is also called the micro controller, is a integrated on a chip in the storage, transformation decoder, sawtooth wave signal generator and function of pulse width modulation circuit and can make the switch circuit power tube conduction or cut-off, by square wave control conduction time of power tube to control the drive circuit of the motor speed, input and output ports, such as integrated together, and a computer chip.

This is the smart controller of the aged electric car.

It is a high-tech product that appears as a fool.

The design quality and characteristics of the controller, the functions of the microprocessor used, the power switch device circuit and the layout of peripheral devices, etc., are directly related to the performance and running state of the whole vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself.

Different quality controllers, used in the same vehicle and equipped with the same battery pack in the same charging and discharging state, sometimes show great differences in the continuous driving capacity.

What can the controller of the electric four-wheelers with iron shells do? We have finished the analysis. If a friend wants to buy an electric four-wheelers with iron shells, he can call our hotline for consultation and purchase.