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What is the current status of street legal utility vehicles in China? Status of electric vehicles in China
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Today, we are going to introduce the knowledge of cars to you. Many of our friends have asked us what the current status of electric vehicles in China is.

Current status of electric vehicles in China: introduction

Before the 1990s, the development of electric vehicles in China basically relied on imports, such as golf carts, tourist vehicles and so on.

Since 1992, our country has the electric vehicle product which the bicycle research and produces, through ten years of development, already initially formed by the tailing electric vehicle and so on a large number of has the innovation strength and the annual production scale surpasses million electric vehicle production factory.

More than 1,000 ev enterprises have launched electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric tourist vehicles, electric golf vehicles, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric trucks, electric rescue vehicles, electric MVS, electric scooters, electric scooters, electric bicycles, family life vehicles and so on to the domestic and foreign markets.

In particular, the "863" plan and the order of 2 billion yuan for electric vehicles for the Beijing Olympic Games stipulate that electric vehicles for the Olympic Games can only be manufactured in China, leading to another boom in electric vehicle research and development in China.

Current status of electric vehicles in China: introduction

Dongfeng electric vehicles co., ltd. is one of the earliest automotive enterprises engaged in the research and development of electric vehicles in China, with 8 series and more than 40 varieties, such as tourist vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, industrial special vehicles and golf cars, and has become the only pure electric vehicle production and operation service provider in Beijing Olympic Games.

Its tourist vehicles are widely used in hotels, scenic spots, factories, airports, gymnasiums, parks and other places.

The introduction of today's small editor here, we can see from the above article that the status of our domestic electric vehicles is very good, I hope that today's small introduction will help you.