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What Factors Affect the Endurance of Small Electric Vehicles?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

In daily life, there are many factors affecting the endurance, such as wind resistance, speed, total amount,Small Electric Vehicles condition, air temperature, air conditioning, driving habits, etc.

1.Wind resistance

The wind resistance is the biggest energy consumption part of Small Electric Vehicles driving. The higher the speed, the greater the wind resistance. The wind resistance of Small Electric Vehicles driving at high speed is like a wall to stop the Small Electric Vehicles moving.


Speed and wind are the direct influencing factors, so please do not underestimate the influence of speed and wind resistance. Their influence on the cruising speed can cover the power consumption of air conditioning.


Different loads will definitely have different effects on the cruising speed, or greater than or equal to the output energy consumption of air conditioning.


Due to the chemical characteristics of the battery, the cold battery life is bound to be low, not only so charging also slow!

5.The air conditioning

The output power of Small Electric Vehicles air conditioner is constant. No matter whether you adjust the temperature or not, its energy consumption is always so much. How to save the energy consumption of air conditioner?Get to your destination as early as possible, and the air conditioner will be finished early, saving electricity.

6.Driving habits

Depending on the force of each person's pedals, the amount of energy consumed varies.