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What are the requirements for electric vehicles?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The prospect of electric vehicles is very good, but due to many limitations, the current application is not very large. Our company specializes in production and has strict quality requirements.

1. Vehicle driving operation, simple and effective control, reliable work, and ensure driving safety.

2. The battery used for energy storage must be non-polluting and environmentally friendly. It has a durable life and features ultra-fast charging. The vehicle determines the mileage of the primary charge according to the purpose, so as to use the battery pack with sufficient power to make full use of the ultra-fast charging of the public charging station to extend the mileage.

3. The R&D, manufacturing and operation of electric vehicles must comply with relevant national laws and regulations. The performance of the whole vehicle and parts must meet the national technical standards and specific requirements.

4. Electricity is energy, driven by electric motors, no new pollution is generated, and no flammable or explosive dangers are generated.

5. Set the maximum speed according to the vehicle use and driving occasions, and must not exceed the limit value of traffic regulations to reasonably select the power of the motor and configure the battery pack capacity.

6, the motor group should have high efficiency energy conversion. Direct use and recovery of braking and deceleration energy, and strive to achieve high efficiency of vehicle comprehensive energy utilization.

In addition to meeting the above quality requirements, our company also considers the market demand in the production of electric vehicles, selling practical and economical vehicles.