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Warranty of Small Electric Carts
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The warranty of Small Electric Carts:

1. If one of the following situations starts from the date of leaving the factory, the warranty rights and interests shall be automatically waived

1) lost warranty manual.

2) failure caused by disassembly or use of pure accessories produced by non-factory matching factory

3) when the battery car occurs, the user will continue to sell and the bow fault and damage.

4) faults and damage caused by traffic accidents

5) faults caused by self-modification

Battery, controller, drive axle, charger, chassis frame.

Within one year from the date of delivery

Normal battery decay is not covered by warranty

Brake pads, casing, tires, windshields, and consumables are not covered by the warranty

Products in addition to quality problems caused by the damage of electric car or accessories, such as unreasonable or unconscious use, improper installation of accessories, modification, overload, accident, abuse and so on, is not our company warranty.

Normal battery decay is not covered by warranty