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Type and structure of electric vehicle' instrumentation
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Type and structure of electric vehicle' instrumentation

Electric vehicle instruments are mainly divided into pointer instrument, light-emitting diode instrument, intelligent instrument and liquid crystal instrument, and their display contents mainly include electric quantity, speed, power supply indicator, under-voltage indicator, left-right turn signal, headlight indicator, riding mode, accumulated driving mileage, etc.

1. Pointer instrument

This kind of instrument is the most widely used instrument in electric vehicles at present.The main function of pointer meter is to show the turtle quantity and speed, and the electric quantity is based on the monitored battery voltage, which is the reason why some electric cars start off with a rapid drop of electric quantity, and then turn the pointer once the speed is stable.Generally, the instrument with accumulative mileage count is a mechanical speedometer, while the voltage-type speedometer does not have accumulative mileage count.

2. Light-emitting diode meter

Led meters are widely used in simple electric vehicles.The pointer meter USES the pointer to display power and speed, and the led meter USES the led to display, which is more intuitive.

3. Intelligent instrument

The intelligent instrument must be matched with the corresponding intelligent controller. The on/off state of the light-emitting diode on the instrument is controlled by the intelligent controller, and the display content is more, which can not only show the height and undervoltage of the battery of the vehicle, but also show what kind of riding mode the vehicle is in.The intelligent instrument with light emitting diode has many functions, simple connection and low price.

4. Liquid crystal instrument

Liquid crystal instrument adopts single chip microcomputer.The single-chip computer counts the number of wheel turns per unit of time, calculates the driving speed of the whole vehicle, multiplies the driving speed and driving time, calculates the accumulated mileage of the whole vehicle, and then displays on the LCD screen.