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These three pure low speed motor vehicles are not more than 80,000 expensive, who is the strongest car?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

With the rising oil price, frequent traffic congestion in cities, and the difficulty in giving car number plates and parking in some cities, many micro and small electric vehicles have become the first choice in people's mind. The reason is simple: small cars, cheap prices and convenient transportation.

In addition, compared with the situation that the number of fuel vehicles is difficult and the number of good brands is even harder, the application of new energy license plates is convenient and uncertain, and the number of new energy license plates is xx 00001, 66666 or 88888 that can become "sky-high" in the future.

So which of the many micro-electric cars has the best price/performance ratio and is more convenient to drive?

The following three electric cars are recommended by you. They have two things in common:

First of all, they are very cheap. If they are within 100,000, they will be ok.

Second, from the recently released sales statistics of January to July 2018, they are all very high, and ranked in the Top 10 of the new energy vehicle comprehensive list in July.

01 baic EC series

Subsidized price: 498-628 thousand

January-july sales: 40406

Suit the crowd: need to take a car and have certain space, can not bear not to walk the heart design.

Recommendation: baic EC series has long been the leader in new energy sales, with not only low prices, home space of 4 doors and 5 seats, but also two types of EC180 and EC200 models. In the third quarter of this year, the EC3 model with higher driving capacity will also be available.

It is understood that EC3 adopts a brand new design style, the front face adopts the closed grille design, the front bumper on both sides of the vertical daytime traffic lights also improves the vehicle's recognition, the overall vision is younger and more fashionable.

The length, width and height are respectively 3684/1630/1518mm and wheelbase is 2360mm, which is 9mm higher than the EC200 model.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 45kW (61PS), a peak torque of 150n ·m, a range of 261km for NEDC working condition, and support fast and slow charging.

02. Chery eQ

Price after subsidy: 698-718 thousand

January-july sales: 22413

Suitable for the crowd: have QQ feelings, for years in the field of small cars and small car chery has been able to make achievements in the trust.

Why we recommend it: it's not just the name of the electric QQ that evokes the QQ model, but also the overall look of the current QQ model, which has the same "big eyes and cute" look, as well as the same name as mercedes-benz's new energy brand EQ.

Of course, it seems that the two sides have also agreed to share the name of the "mystery" person.

In terms of body size, chery eQ is 3564/1620/1527mm in length, with a wheelbase of 2340mm. Although it is not as spacious as baic EC series, it is good enough to buy vegetables.

With a range of 200km, the maximum output power is 42kW (57PS), and the peak torque is 150N·m. It can be charged on the household 220V power supply and can be fully charged in 8-10 hours. In the quick charging mode, it only takes 0.75 hours to restore 80% power.

03. Jianghuai iEV6E

Subsidized price: 595-695 thousand

January-july sales: 22221

Crowd fit: battery life is demanding and requires an electric car that doesn't look like an older car.

Recommendation reason: according to the ranking of the ratio of new energy points of major vehicle enterprises in January and may of 2018, jianghuai automobile has obtained 102% of new energy points, second only to leader byd, which is also a major new energy player.

And its iEV range, which is generally cheap and based on conventional power models, is one of its current strengths.

The iEV6E, which is the largest of its kind, was updated at the end of June this year and offers two types of sporty and upgraded models.

In terms of configuration, iEV6E is not only rich, but also intelligent, which can be controlled remotely through mobile phone App, and can check the status of the vehicle in real time, turn on the air conditioner in advance remotely, charge and look for the car remotely.

In addition, it is also equipped with intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, automatic power cut in collision, automatic power cut in high-voltage fault and automatic preheating in low-temperature charging.

In addition, the new jianghuai iEV6E sport version is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous driving motor with maximum power of 50kW(68PS), with peak torque of 215N·m, and the battery life of NEDC comprehensive working condition is 310km.

In the quick charge mode, it takes 1 hour to charge the battery from 30% to 80%.

In slow charge mode, filling takes only 8 hours.

The above models are suitable for short and medium trips around the city, and it is better to have a fixed parking space, otherwise it will be difficult to charge you.

If none of the above models fit you, don't worry. In future articles, we will continue to recommend some new energy models. There will always be one that meets your needs.