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The world's smallest Fully Enclosed Golf Carts, 2.4 meters long! Maybe it's the best way to get around a city
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Two years ago, Microlino, run by two Swiss brothers, redisplayed a replica upgrade of BMW's single-door Isetta at the Geneva motor show.

Now it has partnered with Tazzari, a small Italian carmaker, to produce replicas of 10,000 Isetta a year.

Not only that, Microlino and motorcycles are preparing to launch an electric mini in Europe.

The car, which costs $13,600, has already attracted 7,200 orders.

The BMW Isetta, released after world war ii, was designed to meet the driving needs of economically battered europeans, as was the Microlino electric mini, which is just eight feet long and almost two feet shorter than a Smart car.

It even had to shove a 10.6 cubic foot suitcase under its feet.

The door is also opened in a strange way, with a hinged door in front of the car and a steering column.

A second passenger can squeeze next to the driver as he sits on a squat pedal and a bench behind the wheel.

In terms of power, the Microlino will offer two different lithium-ion battery pack sizes: an 8 kilowatt-hour battery range of 74 miles and a 14.4 kilowatt-hour battery range of 133 miles.

The company said it would take four hours to charge.

Either way, this mini electric car is strictly a city car, with a 20-horsepower electric motor that has a top speed of 55 MPH.

The company said it plans to produce 100 of the model this year and quickly increase production to at least 5,000 next year.

The company now only plans to sell the car in Europe and China, in part because its front door and safety features are unlikely to meet U.S. crash standards.