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The meaning of the electric vehicle dashboard
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The condition displayed on the dashboard of any electric car indicates the condition of the vehicle. Let's take a look.

1 ammeter

The current current value can be continuously read out by the ammeter. When the electric vehicle coasts or stops, the current indicates zero; when the power is fully accelerated, the pointer of the ammeter reaches the top of the scale and then gradually decreases as the motor reaches the optimal speed. In fact, the ammeter is a millivolt voltmeter, which allows it to be connected with thinner wires instead of using a 2/0 cable. The shunt is usually mounted near the controller and is calibrated to output a specific millivolt to indicate a specific input current value.

2 electric car head

There are various meters on the electric car to monitor its operation. The design requirements of the header are mainly reliable, accurate and easy to read, and many display methods do not meet these standards. For example, panel meters are not designed for use in vehicles. They do not operate reliably for long periods of time in the usual vibration, collision, dust, and high temperature environments of vehicles; light-emitting diode (LED) meters are difficult to read in sunlight. In addition, compared to the pointer type, the digital meter is not easy to understand its meaning; the head without backlight is useless at night. The headers commonly used in electric vehicles are described below.

3 high pressure gauge

The meter measures the battery pack voltage and displays it as a voltage, giving the electric vehicle operating conditions.

4 fuel gauge

This meter measures the voltage of the battery pack and displays the full charge to zero charge as a percentage. The low voltage during acceleration pulls the reading down and the reading resumes when the foot leaves the accelerator pedal. Such meters are more accurate than segmented display or sampling tables, and the latter two types of meters may result in lower reading values.

5 low pressure gauge

This meter monitors the level of charge of the auxiliary battery. Electric vehicles equipped with DC/DC converters usually require a low pressure gauge.

Electric vehicle dashboards are an integral part of the vehicle's composition, and we should have a basic understanding of the configuration on the dashboard.