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The low speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle industry has called for a new national standard
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Zhengzhou, heze, tai 'anIn recent days, a series of crackdowns in several cities have pushed the low-speed electric car (in this article, a four-wheeled vehicle driven purely by electric power and operating at speeds of less than 70 kilometers per hour) once again to the forefront of public opinion.

On July 11, the city of zhengzhou began to implement new regulations: all electric tricycles and four-wheelers without license or license will be punished according to motor vehicle standards.At the same time, a number of local low-speed electric car sellers close stores.

Fifteen days later, shandong province took up the baton.At the fourth meeting of the 13th standing committee of the National People's Congress of shandong province, it was announced that shandong province will comprehensively implement policies for low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, manage them in accordance with the law, and study and formulate some management measures in the aspects of travel restrictions and prohibitions.Subsequently, shandong heze, taian and other cities respectively issued the low-speed electric vehicle control policies at the prefecture level.

The move by henan and shandong provinces, which sell more low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, has sparked heated debate.Supporters believe the new policy will help improve local traffic conditions in the face of huge management pressure.Skeptics say the one-size-fits-all policy is not conducive to normalizing low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle.

In October, the national standard for four-wheel low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, which has been approved for nearly two years, will be released if the initial version schedule set by the national standards committee is followed.At this critical juncture, policy changes in several cities were interpreted by many low-speed electric vehicle practitioners as "wind changes", and anxiety and doubts spread in low-speed electric vehicle enterprises.

"The low-speed electric car industry has come a long way in recent years and is no longer a byword for poor quality.Regulation of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle in some places may be a misunderstanding of the industry.In an interview, shuxin, general manager of reading motors, said: "we call for the launch of a new national standard for low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle and expect the new national standard to provide a more fair and orderly competitive environment for the development of the low-speed electric vehicle industry."

In the near - speed electric vehicle can get rid of gray identity

Low speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle encountered many places of tough control, behind the urban traffic management area of the direct cause.Failure to apply for license plates, poor safety performance and lack of insurance, road law enforcement difficulties, etc., all contribute to the "difficult management of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle".

At present, there are about 3 million low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle in shandong province, according to data released by the provincial authorities.In 2017, there were 4,064 accidents involving low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle. The number of traffic deaths related to low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle has accounted for 25.6% of all traffic deaths in shandong province, and the number of injuries has accounted for 33.1%, and there is still an upward trend.

Due to the lack of standardization system and supporting supervision, the product quality is mixed, and the development of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle has not been able to get rid of the embarrassment of identity.However, the low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle have been rapidly growing in the policy crack because they meet the travel demand of consumers from third-tier and fourth-tier cities to townships.

Take shandong province as an example.In 2017, shandong produced a total of 756,000 low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle. From 2009 to 2017, shandong has produced 219,600 low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle nationwide.

The rapid development of the market is in sharp contrast to the obvious lag of policy. The low-speed electric vehicle industry is even called "too long and too big, so that there is a fatal disease".Some analysts believe that the lack of national unified standards in this field has increased the difficulty of local management, and it has become the consensus of the industry to "release relevant standards and industrial policies as soon as possible".

According to the research report on low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle released recently by the institute of automotive industry and strategic technology of tsinghua university, the sales volume of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle in China has increased significantly in recent years, and the market has developed rapidly, with the growth rate far exceeding that of pure 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle.In terms of geographical distribution, it is mainly distributed in shandong, hebei, henan, jiangsu, etc., and the sales regions are concentrated in the third and fourth tier cities and the urban-rural areas.

The report believes that the rapid development of the low-speed electric vehicle industry and the strong market demand have important strategic significance for future urban transportation, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and promoting national green development.There is no uniform industry standard, resulting in a wide range of products;Traffic disorder aggravates the burden of the city;Disorderly development and potential environmental pollution are the three major challenges for the development of low-speed electric vehicle industry.Therefore, the country should fully recognize and affirm the value of the development of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, as soon as possible to establish a unified standard.

Unafraid to compete industry calls for a fair environment for the specification management of low-speed electric cars, in 2015, the ministry of industry and information technology, national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of public security, ministry of transport to the state council has reported on the low speed on the management of 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle of instruct ", put forward the "upgrade a batch, standardize a batch of elimination, a batch of" working train of thought.

On October 28, 2016, the state standardization administration issued the third batch of national standard system revision plan for 2016.The low speed electric vehicle technology condition which has been concerned and expected by the industry also ranks among them.

The technical conditions for four-wheel low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle will last for 24 months, the ministry of industry and information technology (miit) is in charge of the project and the drafting unit is China automotive technology research center and Shanghai motor vehicle testing center, according to the notice.The new bid is scheduled for the end of October.

For the "new national standard", at present, there are two general ideas in the industry.Second, is directly listed as passenger cars.The different orientation of industry also decides the standard and scale of management to a great extent.

Indeed, the low-speed electric car industry has undergone several rounds of self-evolution and upgrading as the launch date of the "new national standard" approaches.It is reported that the sales volume of the top 5 low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle in shandong province has exceeded 70% of the total sales volume of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle in shandong province.

In shuxin's view, in the past, some low-speed electric car companies have been short-sighted. After the "new national standard" is issued, all companies will compete on the same platform, "which is more conducive to the healthy development of the industry".Once the "new national standard" is officially finalized, the controversial market of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle is expected to see a thorough reshuffle, and the standardization upgrade will become the mainstream trend, according to industry insiders.

In fact, with the transformation and upgrading of low-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, compared with a few years ago, low-speed electric vehicle enterprises have been greatly improved in terms of research and development process and four production processes."" there are low-speed electric vehicle companies doing contract work for high-speed electric vehicle companies.This proves that it is not a problem for some low-speed electric vehicle companies to do high-speed 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle, whether they are developed or produced.An insider said.

"If the low-speed electric car is classified as a passenger car, it is crucial that it gets the same treatment as a passenger car.Let's say you have new energy credits, and if you're on the same platform, I don't think there's any problem.It would be an injustice to list us as passenger cars without any corresponding incentives."Shu xin said.