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The household geriatric car is one of the necessary means of transportation for the aged
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Spring has arrived, the family geriatric car has become one of the necessary travel tools for the elderly, safety and convenience for the elderly and family travel has brought a lot of benefits, also realized the elderly "go out" the main problem.

All round, the elderly would also like to go for a walk, admire the scenery, but because of the growth of the age, some body reason lead to travel to walk is not very convenient, so study this one age paragraph the elderly this factory produce the home old car instead of walking, you can bring your own boss and children, can watch the scenery, don't limit your body inconvenience, can spread the heart to see the scenery, but also with the boss and children to enjoy family happiness, so home old car instead of walking so a lot of benefits, is a component of many older people travel tools.

About the price of the household geriatric car, the warranty period and the quality assurance, welcome to call this factory detailed inquiry, can also deliver goods to the door, welcome to call.