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The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars suppliers will be popular
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Full Electric Cars suppliers industry is very promising, the current view, Full Electric Cars supplierss, in a closed environment of various performance is better than that of internal combustion engine car, the only drawback is the battery and battery life, this can be solved completely with the technology updating in a few years time, we think that the Full Electric Cars suppliers really mature, will be in the next three to five years, that there is a consensus in the industry, including international and domestic many famous auto companies, has given up in internal combustion engine research and development investment, focusing on Full Electric Cars supplierss.

This year, our country also announced that it is studying a timetable for banning the production and sale of fuel vehicles, which means that we, like European countries, will be fully electrified.

And most importantly, as the application of artificial intelligence matures, intelligent transportation based on Full Full Electric Cars supplierss suppliers will emerge, including our familiarity with autonomous driving.

However, in the face of this vision, we still need to go back to a basic industry exposition.


The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars supplierss will be popular

Why electric transport would be such a huge opportunity is that this industry change is revolutionary.

To understand this, we need to understand the relationship between traditional cars and transportation.

Since the automotive industry in the global rise of more than one hundred years, automobile manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical industry, highway traffic three rely on each other development, simple easy to understand the relationship between: cars can let a person go farther, to go beyond need to burn more fuel, arrive in order to facilitate people to drive faster, will take longer to facilitate the car road, to cross a longer road to stimulate people to demand for cars.

In this way, the three industries promote each other.


The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars supplierss will be popular

As these three industries are huge in volume, a little stimulation can generate many opportunities, for example, "no charge for holiday travel", which is the direct transfer of the high-speed industry to the petrochemical industry, which indirectly improves the utilization rate of the highway and promotes the sales of cars.


The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars supplierss will be popular


So, in the electric motor for electric vehicle travel, originally played by energy suppliers to the identity of the petrochemical enterprises will be a power supply, the ability to sell electricity charging operation enterprise replaced energy (or alternative, not only the enterprise level alternative), previous highway system stability, economic cycle is constant, only the player has changed.

From the above economic structure, the road enterprises in this cycle performance is quite passive, in fact, it is not.

Road pricing aside, highway companies can leverage car and oil consumption with just one lever: speed limit.

That is to say, the road increases speed limit, fuel consumption increases, road decreases speed limit, fuel consumption decreases, this aspect can be discussed in detail in the future.


The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars supplierss will be popular

Thus, electric travel stirs changes in three huge industries, of which there are bound to be a lot of opportunities, of which smart charging is one of the most promising.

There are also several promising directions, such as new materials related to building cars, battery technology, hub motors, electric vehicle chips, unmanned driving, on-board electronic systems, and so on. Many of them are our shortcomings in the era of internal combustion engine cars, and we hope to make up for them in the era of Full Electric Cars supplierss.


The environment is so polluted that Full Electric Cars supplierss will be popular

One of the things to think about here is the problem of making cars.

We do industry have words called "manufacturing does not produce miracle", mean it is hard to discern the rapid rise in the manufacturing, large enterprises rapidly, mainly because the manufacturing depended on the surrounding industrial chain of need to cooperate, in terms of the technology and technology precipitation, each item is not going to get quickly, this is different from the Internet business mode of enterprise, an absolute line of pure electric vehicle production enterprises, the vehicle a factory qualified rate hovers at about 20%, it should be said is a very difficult thing.

Therefore, in the manufacturing end of electric travel, the original manufacturing enterprises with industrial basis will have more advantages.