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The disadvantage of overcharging of electric vehicles
- Aug 22, 2018 -

For the sake of safety, we usually charge the electric car with a specific charging time to prevent charging, which is the reason.

Overcharging will increase the water loss of the electric vehicle battery, accelerate the corrosion of the grid, soften the active material, and increase the probability of battery deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to select a charger whose parameters are well matched with the electric vehicle battery, and fully understand the operation state of the vehicle battery during the hot season and the changes during the entire service life. Do not place the battery of the electric vehicle in an overheated environment during use, especially when charging, keep away from heat and be guarded.

After the electric vehicle battery is heated, it is necessary to take cooling measures, and the battery can be charged only when the battery temperature returns to normal. The installation position of the battery should ensure good heat dissipation as much as possible. When overheating, stop charging and check the charger and vehicle battery. The charging time should be shortened when the battery discharge depth is shallow or when the ambient temperature is high.

Many daily users who charge electric vehicles for electric vehicles should correct them in time to enhance the safety of use.