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The difference between low speed vehicle for old man and the electric electric car
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Many electric car dealers refer to electric cars as old scooters for the elderly. But in fact, electric cars and old scooters are completely different from the shape and safety system.

Electric cars must have a driver's license and an upper row on the road

Moreover, the old scooter does not need a license plate and a driver's license on the road, and the electric car must be licensed on the road and the driver's license. Many businesses as electric vehicles elderly scooter flicker customers, the results of the elderly bought a car after road traffic police arrested. So remember to purchase a certain electric vehicles are not elderly scooter.



Generally, the old scooter is composed of four parts of the battery, the electric wheel hub, the controller and the charger, and the body part. For Taiwan manufacturers with higher safety requirements, the overall design is based on the design concept of the car. The whole vehicle is generally divided into power supply system, front axle, rear axle, controller, and frame.

Because the current cost of lithium battery is relatively high, the general manufacturers use lead-acid batteries. Generally, a group of batteries are connected in series by a plurality of 12V batteries into a battery pack as a power supply system. According to relevant national regulations, the voltage of electric vehicles shall not exceed 48V;

The motor hub is divided into: a brushed toothed high speed electric wheel hub (referred to as a high speed motor or a sound motor), a brushless toothless low speed electric wheel hub (referred to as a low speed motor or a silent motor), and a brushless toothless program motor (referred to as a program motor);

The controller is classified into four types: full-motion type, intelligent type, dual-control type and non-zero start type. The control system consists of main controller, instrument display, speed control switch and brake power off. The function has the functions of stepless speed regulation, brake power failure protection, under voltage protection and over current protection; the charger is classified into lotus plug type, ordinary computer plug type and special computer plug type according to the output plug. According to the charging performance, it is classified into ordinary online maintenance charger and fast charging online maintenance charger. According to the charging voltage, it is classified into 24V, 36V, and 48V.