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The challenges of producing low-speed electric vehicles
- Aug 25, 2018 -

With the national proposal of energy-saving and environment-friendly economy, the electric vehicle market entered the explosion period in 2015, followed by the rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles.

Relevant data show that the production of low-speed electric vehicles exceeded 600,000 units in 2015, and their brands are also diversified, with over 40 well-known brands.

Although the low-speed electric vehicle market presents a flourishing scene, it has always been in a gray area of legal and illegal. Although various places have taken corresponding measures for rectification, but so far it has not been able to effectively solve the problems existing in the electric vehicle market.

So what are the problems in the market for low-speed electric vehicles?

1. Low-speed electric vehicles do not solve environmental protection problems well.

Although the state vigorously advocated power lithium battery as a source of electric power, but due to its relatively high prices, many manufacturers in order to obtain higher profits, most using lead battery as the power, the use of lead battery cycle is about 2 to 3 years, update cycle short, abandoned lead battery recycling cost is higher, also can produce pollutants such as lead, sulfur.

2. Quality cannot be guaranteed.

At present, China does not have a good management method for low-speed electric vehicles, and no enterprises of large or small have formed a strict and effective check process. Therefore, the quality of many electric vehicles cannot be guaranteed. When there is wear or water on the electric circuit of the vehicle, it is possible for short circuit to cause spontaneous combustion and threaten people's life and property safety.

3. Influence traffic order.

The low-speed electric vehicle market is mainly concentrated in towns and counties, where the users are mostly elderly and without driver's license, and most of the users are not very clear about the traffic rules. When driving low-speed electric vehicles, they often go on the rampage, seriously affecting the traffic order.

4. Limited driving range and inconvenient charging.

The low-speed electric vehicle is powered by electricity, and its driving range is generally short. At present, China has not established sufficient charging facilities. Once the power is exhausted, the electric vehicle will be unable to continue driving, bringing a lot of inconvenience to people's life.

The low-speed electric car market has a lot of problems, but it is, after all, the new energy economy countries advocate a conveyance, countries should take appropriate measures to reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries that power trams really meet the demands of energy efficient and environmentally friendly economic development, and at the same time to perfect the policies and regulations, strengthen the regulation of electric market, forming a set of effective regulatory measures.

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