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The cause of abnormal noise in electric vehicles
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Our company's electric vehicles are sold in many regions, but after a long driving time, sometimes different sounds are emitted, which are caused by different factors.

1, the body noise

This problem is usually caused by insufficient rigidity of the vehicle body, which causes the vehicle to deform during driving, the door and the frame to rub or shake, or some places to be welded to produce friction between the steel plates. Applying a strip of glue to the door or window or padding the rubber at the friction site may reduce or eliminate abnormal noise, but the symptoms are not cured.

Some electric vehicles have a large wind noise, which is related to the shape. If it is confirmed that no extra items are added, the owner himself should not solve the problem. There are also some cars that are not properly fixed between the body parts and may cause abnormal noise. Generally, the screws can be solved.

2, hanging abnormal sound

When you encounter a bumpy or electric vehicle near the four wheels of a bumpy electric car, most of them are caused by shock absorber problems or loose parts. Please check it at the regular repair shop. Because the suspension components are not only related to the comfort of the ride, but also the safety of driving, so don't underestimate.

3, gearbox abnormal sound

If the car has a "sand" sound inside the gearbox while driving, and then disappears after stepping on the clutch, the noise source is the gearbox failure, which may be caused by gearbox bearing or gear wear and bearing spots.

4, engine compartment abnormal sound

There are more possibilities for abnormal noise here. The belt whistling sound is harsh, usually caused by the belt slipping. When the electric vehicle engine is running, if there is a sound of dry friction of the metal parts, it is generally the performance of the generator, the water pump, and the steering assist pump bearing.

If there is a leaking sound when the engine is running, it may be that the exhaust system is clogged, the vacuum tube is leaking or broken. Need to be reminded that if it is abnormal noise inside the engine, most of the owners can not solve, to be sent to the factory for maintenance.

5, engine guard plate abnormal sound

If you often hear the abnormal sound like the “grip” of the air intake grille position, in addition to the grille is really loose, then the owner still needs to check whether the electric motor engine guard plate screws are loose, or the engine guard Looseness with the film, resulting in abnormal noise, in addition to tightening the screws, you should also put some cardboard items in the abnormal sound, you can easily eliminate the abnormal sound.

6, tire abnormal sound

The tire sound must be rhythmic, and the speed of the car is high. If it is a low "beep" sound, most of the tire tread deformation, bagging, severe wear or insufficient air pressure; if it is "beep" sound, it may be that the tread is mixed with pebbles. If the tires are screaming, and the body is obviously shaking or even moving in the direction, it goes without saying that the tires are blasting.

During the running of the vehicle, abnormal noises need to be solved according to different parts in time.