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street legal golf cart
- Aug 25, 2018 -

A golf cart, especially one used on a golf course.

Electric golf cart is an environment-friendly vehicle specially designed and developed for golf courses.

Also can be used in the resort, villa area, garden hotel, tourist attractions and other places.

It has excellent performance, novel appearance design, luxurious and exquisite interior decoration, comfortable and safe riding.

Just like golf, it is both traditional and fashionable, full of passion and gentle and elegant, the details of electric golf cars are also thoughtful, Tee table, Tee, beverage cans..

It fully takes into account the needs of the golfer and gives him the most considerate care.


Automatic rear wheel drum mechanical brake and electric brake double function

The slope can realize the speed limit, not exceeding 24KM/H

When the mechanical brake fails, the electric door lock can be turned off to stop the car completely within 2 to 3 meters in order to ensure safety

Car charger