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Selection of low-speed aged electric vehicles
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Key points when choosing a car:

1. Check the appearance, look at the paint, and the surface of the plated parts is intact.

2. Follow the instructions in the manual to check the working status of the vehicle. The speed regulation transition should be smooth, no impact at the start, and the wheel should rotate.

Live, no stagnation, the wheel rotates softly, no abnormal noise, the brakes should be tight and the brakes are reliable.

3. Also check that the auxiliary functions (such as power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) that the model should have are in a normal state.

4. Whether the accessories, charger, certificate, manual and warranty card of the vehicle are complete.

5. The relevant documents required for after-sales are complete.

6. When purchasing, try to choose a merchant with a package return service, it is best to promise that "no reason to return the goods" business. This is a great guarantee for yourself. In case the network introduction does not match the actual product, it will cause unnecessary economic losses.