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Selection of brake fluid for electric vehicles
- Aug 22, 2018 -

When the brake pressure of the electric vehicle is high and the working temperature of the brake fluid is high, a higher level of brake fluid should be used. So what is good quality?

1. In the long-term preservation and use, the chemical change is small when it is cooled or heated;

2, the boiling point is not lower than 260 ° C, this is to not make the braking efficiency worse, to ensure that the electric vehicle brake system does not have air resistance;

3. The moisture absorption boiling point is high, and the moisture absorption boiling point is the boiling point when the water content is 3.5% with respect to the dry boiling point (water content of 0);

4. It can ensure reliable operation at low temperature, and the brake fluid is absolutely not allowed to freeze.

5. Do not harm rubber and metal parts.

The choice of brake fluid for electric vehicles plays a key role in the quality of the vehicle, so we should always refer to the above knowledge.