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Sales of Mini Electric Car in Europe jumped 40% in the first half to more than 1m
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Sales of Mini Electric Car in Europe rose more than 40 per cent in the first half of the year, with more than 1m Mini Electric Car on the continent so far, according to the latest figures.

Europe is a year behind China in achieving this milestone, but ahead of the us.

The United States is expected to reach that goal later this year because of the popularity of tesla's latest model.


Between January and June, 195,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles were sold in the eu, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, up 42 per cent year on year.

According to projections of ev-volumes, Europe will have 1.35 million electric cars by the end of the year, as sales grow faster.


"The presence of a million Mini Electric Car (including pure Mini Electric Car and vans and plug-in hybrids) is an important milestone in achieving electrification and emission targets, but it's not enough," said Viktor Irle, market analyst at ev-volumes.

While sales of plug-in hybrids are growing, they accounted for just 2% of all new car sales in Europe in the first half of the year.

By the end of the year, it is expected to be 2.35 percent.


Norway continues to lead the rest of the market, with 36,500 Mini Electric Car sold in the first half of this year, accounting for 37% of new car registrations.

Norway has been far ahead in Mini Electric Car, thanks in large part to generous government incentives.

However, the rapid growth of the German car market means that total ev sales in Germany will surpass Norway by the end of the year.


The Netherlands and Denmark also saw good growth.

Growth in ev sales in the UK has slowed as domestic carmakers such as vauxhall lack compelling electric models.

In the first half of this year, 30,040 plug-in cars and vans were sold in the UK, with sales of pure Mini Electric Car down 6 per cent, while sales of plug-in hybrids soared 50 per cent.


Pivot Power wants to build a fast charging network for Mini Electric Car in the UK, saying the UK has the ability to catch up with its Nordic rivals in Mini Electric Car.

The company's chief executive, Matt Allen, said providing low-cost, well-positioned charging piles to consumers is crucial to capturing the growth momentum of Mini Electric Car.