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Safety standards for low-speed electric vehicles
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The United States has confirmed that motor vehicles with a maximum speed of more than 32km/h but less than 40km/h are a new category of motor vehicles, called low-speed vehicles.

According to American safety standards for low speed electric vehicles,

Low-speed vehicles must contain headlamps (head lamp), before and after the turn signal (front and rear turn signal lamps), tail lights, tail lamps), brake lights (stop lamps), reflective logo (reflex reflectors) - in the car, on both sides from the car back end as far as possible, each side has a red reflective logo, after the car must have a, rearview Mirror (Mirror) - in the driver's side, outside is equipped with a rear view Mirror, in addition,

Add a rear view mirror, parking brake, windshield -- optional as-1 or as-5, vehicle identification number, safety belt assembly -- optional type I or II to the occupant side or in-car.


European Union definition of low speed electric vehicles

European Union definition of low-speed electric vehicles: instead of a special definition of low-speed electric vehicles, the European Union classifies such vehicles as Motorised Quadricycle, which is divided into Light Quadricycle (L6E) and Heavy Quadricycle (L7E) according to their weight, speed and power.