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Safety concerns of electric vehicles used by the elderly
- Aug 23, 2018 -

With the continuous emergence of the old scooter, the hidden dangers of road traffic safety have also emerged, which is not only the normal road traffic order. However, there are major security risks. The so-called "old scooter" currently on the road mainly refers to illegally assembled and assembled three- or four-wheeled vehicles driven by batteries or fuel. The internal brakes and throttles are all available, usually 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. speed. The brake components are mostly designed with a brake brake. They are relatively thin, the parts are easily damaged, the failure rate is high, and it takes a lot of force to step on the end.

Some old scooters engage in illegal operations in the vicinity of stations, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., disrupting traffic management order, affecting normal traffic management order, and causing confusion in the passenger transport market. In addition, the driver of the vehicle does not have a motor vehicle driving license. The vehicle is an illegally assembled (group) product. There is no legal registration procedure, no license and insurance, and no operating qualification.

1, fast speed, start fast

The so-called "old scooter" speed in the market is between 40 km and 50 km per hour, and the speed is extremely fast, and the safety hazard is extremely great.

The most intuitive way to understand the speed of a car is to look at the dashboard of the car. Of course, the "old scooter" that configures the dashboard shown in the picture below is definitely an overspeed "old scooter."

2, the chassis is high, light, easy to flip

The height of the chassis of the car can be seen from the height of the foot pedal. As we all know, the car with a low chassis has a low center of gravity, and the car is stable while driving. It is not easy to roll over. On the contrary, a car with a high height from the ground has a high center of gravity and poor safety during driving. Especially in high-speed driving, the car is easy to float, and it is easy to roll over.

3, the brake components are thin and easy to damage

These "old scooters" are all assembled by unqualified small factories or individuals. In order to maximize the benefits of these assembled products, the spare parts used are inferior and cheap, and the safety risks are large. In the warning, China Consumers Association also mentioned that “the brake components are easy to damage”, and the “old scooter” equipped with such inferior brakes, combined with the overweight of its own body, the inertia in high-speed driving is very large, often due to accidents caused by braking, becoming The real road killer.