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Road Legal Electric Vehicles vs New Energy Vehicle
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Road Legal Electric Vehicles  vs New Energy Vehicle

Road Legal Electric Vehicles focus on safety. They are not as fast as new energy vehicles, because their batteries are limited.

Road Legal Electric Vehicles  is a new product emerging in recent years, mainly to adapt to the elderly population and the use of disabled people, with the demand of green environmental trend.It has become another emerging industry in the traditional wheelchair industry.In addition, in order to cope with the aging society, major developed countries have incorporated the elderly mobility into their policies.Electric Road Legal vehicles are more suitable for the elderly, the disabled and middle-aged people. They can be used to go to the park, go shopping for vegetables, pick up children and so on.

New energy vehicles refer to vehicles that adopt unconventional vehicle fuel as power source (or use conventional vehicle fuel and adopt new vehicle power device), integrate advanced technologies in vehicle power control and drive, and form advanced technical principles, new technologies and new structures.