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Requirements for electric vehicle drive motors
- Aug 22, 2018 -

As the name suggests, a drive motor is a component that powers an electric car. What requirements need to be met before it can be used?

First, the efficiency of the electric motor drive motor is particularly important, because all of its power is transmitted to the wheels through the drive motor. The basis for determining the motor characteristic parameters is mainly to meet the continuous power requirements of the vehicle when driving at the highest load.

Second, to meet the requirements of electric vehicles to accelerate or climb the slope with the maximum peak torque.

Third, continuous power refers to the output power of the motor during stable operation. The basic requirements for the performance of the drive motor are: sufficient starting torque to meet the requirements of electric vehicle rapid start, acceleration, climbing, frequent start and stop.

We can only improve the efficiency of electric vehicles by fully utilizing the drive motor, so we must first meet the above requirements before installation.