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Reliable Street Legal Electric Mini Carts Supplier
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Along with the development of society, urbanization intensifies, road congestion increases continuously, oil price rises continuously, environmental pollution increases and other problems have attracted the attention of the public. The four-wheel new energy electric vehicle has been pursued by many consumers due to its green, low-carbon, recreational and low cost properties.So, among many brands, how should consumers choose products?

Established in 2014, Xinxiang Hezon Xinhui Vehicle Co., Ltd is committed to the core technology of electric vehicles and responsible for the promotion and sales of low-speed electric vehicles.The company responds to the national low energy and environmental protection travel concept, and develops new products continuously from the social market demand, so that the products can effectively serve the public groups and people's life.

Our main products are series K series four-wheel electric vehicles and S series three-wheel electric vehicles. Meanwhile, we have developed a new series of pure electric road sweeper, which has been officially put into mass production.

The company has modern standardized welding, electrophoretic coating and assembly lines and related office, production, inspection and other supporting equipment and assembly lines.The whole vehicle has a complete set of CNC molds;Standard vehicle and chassis design;Automobile low temperature metal baking paint, uniform thickness, durable stainless brightness high;The roof of the car USES high-tech products -- space board, thermal insulation and sun protection with long service life;Luxurious decoration, electric lifting glass, adjustable, polyurethane environmental protection seats, more comfortable to ride, convenient and flexible combined switch.