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Prediction of Lead acid battery upgraded to lithium battery for low speed electric vehicle
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Opportunity and Prediction:

Prediction of Lead acid battery upgraded to lithium battery for low speed electric vehicle:

At present, lithium iron batteries are mainly used in commercial vehicles and some special vehicles. With the commercial vehicle market gradually becoming saturated in the next few years and the logistics car market pursuing higher specific energy and energy density indicators, the sales of lithium iron batteries will be difficult to achieve double growth.In this trend, the battery cell, module field through the national standards, but at the same time to subsidize the energy density of the Canton of lithium iron phosphate battery companies, will shift the focus to the low-speed electric vehicle market may be a big probability event.In the future, as the competition pattern becomes clearer, there will be an iron-lithium battery industry focusing on low-speed electric vehicles.However, the regional development pattern of low-speed electric vehicles may lead to the emergence of local protectionism.

Lithium electrification of low-speed electric vehicles is carried out under the condition of low cost of battery system, and safety is an unavoidable factor.

For power battery enterprises to achieve cost control and safety guarantee, one is to pull up production capacity, and the other is to group performance parameters after the type B batteries are used in the lithium battery system for low-speed electric vehicles, so as to obtain the price drop power.

In the process of lithium electrification of low-speed electric vehicles, new partnerships between lithium battery enterprises and low-speed electric vehicle enterprises are more likely to emerge, and cases of mutual alliance or even acquisition are more likely to emerge. The variables in this field are particularly large.