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Method of maintaining electric cars in winter
- Aug 22, 2018 -

In winter, the electric storage capacity of electric vehicles becomes worse, and the running distance becomes shorter, so the winter must be maintained.

1, good at helping. When driving, you should use the power and slide as much as possible. When using the following slopes, use inertia as much as possible to decelerate in advance. When you encounter a traffic light, enter the taxi ahead of time to minimize the brakes.

2, raise good habits. Develop good habits, don't brake frequently, start slowly, don't slam on the electric car door.

3, to be charged

In winter, electric car batteries are easy to use electricity, so if you have the conditions, you can use them with power. Even if you are not far from the continuation, you can use it for two to three days, but it is recommended that you charge it every day. This will help the battery to be in a shallow cycle and the battery life will be extended.

4, to be fully charged

Every time you charge an electric car battery, it should be fully charged before use. If it is not fully used, the battery will produce a kind of “memory”, which will affect its mileage and also reduce the battery life. The newly purchased electric car will be charged for the first time for 12 hours, but not more than twelve hours after each charging. After using for half a year, you need to do a battery maintenance at the repair point.

5, learn to keep warm

The best ambient temperature for battery charging is 25 degrees Celsius. In the cold winter, you must increase the charging voltage and extend the charging time, and take measures to prevent freezing. For example, if the battery of the electric car is not in use, it can be placed in a room with a higher temperature. , should not be placed directly on the ground. If the battery cannot be removed, the electric car can be parked indoors overnight.

In order to run the electric car smoothly, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of it in winter.