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low speed vehicles
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Low speed electric car is the branch of low speed car, it is to point to pure electric drive low speed car.

Different countries and regions have different definitions of low-speed vehicles, so the definition of low-speed electric vehicles is also different.

American definition of five types of low-speed electric vehicles

The first type is a caravan golf cart, or a golf cart, which is used on a golf course, is a vehicle that can take one or more crew members and carry a variety of golf equipment, which is commonly used on a golf course.

The second kind, private golf carts, are sold to private owners.

A ride on one or more players, as well as equipment with golf balls, bats, etc.

But instead, the car was sold to a private person, and it had to be driven from home to the golf course, so the car allowed him to walk on public roads.

Round trip golf course, later developed to not go to the golf course, can also drive this car to a certain area can drive, this is the second type.

Tiankun low speed electric vehicles

Tiankun low-speed electric vehicle (10 sheets)

The third category is the improved golf cart, or the golf cart that increases the growth rate.

On a traditional golf cart, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour, or 30 kilometers per hour.

Individual cars can go up a bit, but the top rule is no more than 20 miles per hour, which means that the top speed is no more than 40 kilometers per hour, but when they do, they have to add some safety equipment.

The fourth type, neighborhood golf cart, our country name is not completely unified, is four-wheel electric vehicle, the top speed does not exceed 25 miles per hour, 40 kilometers per hour, this kind of vehicle develops the various forms, has the golf like, has the off-road vehicle like, also has the passenger and goods dual use, various vehicles.

The fifth category, low-speed cars with top speeds of 30 to 40 kilometers and no more than 25 miles, includes the aforementioned growth rate golf buggy as well as the neighborhood electric car.