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low speed vehicle for old man
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The old scooter is also known as the old electric car. The old scooter is divided into two types of three-wheel and four-wheel. When designing, the manufacturer does not simply apply the configuration of the original two-wheeled electric bicycle to the old scooter. Instead, it must separately configure the motor and control for the scooter. Device.

In terms of function, it is also different from the two-wheeled electric bicycle, and it is necessary to focus on the convenience and safety of the elderly.

Older cars, also known as old electric cars, old scooters, old-age bicycles, are elderly people traveling outdoors.

Old scooter

The ideal vehicle for transportation. Its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, the use of electricity does not need to refuel, so it is also called environmentally friendly old cars, the old electric vehicles use a lot of energy, mainly lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid gel batteries), nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium Batteries, nickel-iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries (often referred to as lithium batteries), fuel cells, etc. The battery directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy in an electrochemical manner. It does not pass through the heat engine process, so it is not limited by the Carnot cycle, and the energy conversion efficiency is high (40-60%); almost no NOx and SOx emissions are generated.

At present, there are all kinds of so-called "old scooters" that sell dog meat on the market. It not only confuses the old friends, but also brings great security risks to the elderly and disabled people driving. The local governments are all Relevant policies and regulations have been issued to prohibit these "old scooters" from driving on the road.

Strictly speaking, the real old electric scooter products should evolve from the original electric wheelchairs belonging to medical equipment. The design of the products is more suitable for the driving habits of the elderly and the disabled. Moreover, the applicable population has expanded from the disabled group of the original electric wheelchair to the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet. The design and production of the products are based on the national standards of electric bicycles and the national standards for electric wheelchairs. In some parameter indicators, they are even stricter than the above two national standards. The speed is designed to be within 10 km/h. The height is 8cm and the braking distance is within 0.5m. It is superior to the original electric wheelchair in all aspects. It is an evolutionary upgrade of the electric wheelchair. It can meet the needs of the elderly travellers and provide more comprehensive. Security.