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Low-speed electric vehicles become favorite in auto industry
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Low-speed electric vehicles become favorite in auto industry.

The world is entering the electrification era, and China is leading the development of electric vehicle market.In terms of technology, major manufacturers have launched pure battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and 48-volt mild hybrid power systems.While car companies in different regions and countries have different approaches to new energy, the penalties for the environment are remarkably consistent across the world, meaning that if automakers do not reduce carbon dioxide, they will have to pay huge fines.

In recent years, with the transformation of consumer demand caused by the country's strong advocacy of green travel, new energy vehicles have become the "favorite" of the automobile industry.With the change of the general environment of automobile industry, many other enterprises have also focused their attention on automobile field -- more and more low-speed electric vehicles have appeared in people's view.

In fact, the market demand for small electric vehicles mainly comes from third-and fourth-tier cities, urban-rural areas and vast rural areas, especially the large number of farmers.Their daily travel distance is not long, 60 kilometers per hour is basically enough for them.

Four-wheel electric vehicle can withstand wind and rain, safety and comfort are also very good, simple operation, and is an ideal tool for transportation and short distance.