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Low speed electric vehicle speed detection
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Test condition: on the way with the level of the pavement, the maximum friction coefficient 09, longitudinal slope (dealership direction) is not greater than 1%, the transverse slope (in direction perpendicular to the garage) is not greater than 2%, test track width is not less than 3.5, the environment temperature 挕 0-40 degrees, the wind speed is lower than 5 m/s.

Vehicle condition: the vehicle is fully equipped, including the driver and accompanying tools, plus a crew member, weighing 78 kg.

The tire pressure shall be the pressure specified on the side of the tire, and all open devices of the vehicle shall be closed, such as doors, Windows, luggage compartment or cargo box, etc.

The battery shall be charged to the state as recommended by the manufacturer and shall not be recharged during the test. Upon the start of the test, rectification, repair or replacement of any part shall not be permitted.

Detection method: the vehicle starts from the static state, and the maximum speed is measured at any point of the test section with a length of 1.6 km. The test can be repeated and tested in 30 minutes.