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Look at the technical parameters of electric vehicles used by the elderly
- Aug 23, 2018 -

this point is very important! At present, there are many old scooters on the market that sell dog meat. All localities are forbidden to go on the road. In case the elderly buy such a vehicle, it will cause a lot of trouble.

Therefore, it is very important to purchase a legally compliant old scooter that meets the relevant national standards. For details, please refer to the following detailed description:

(1) If the speed is safe speed (according to relevant standards, the speed should be controlled within 10 km/h) (Note: This speed refers to the maximum speed that the car can reach without the speed limit device. Often, some merchants have installed a speed limit device after the car, telling you that the speed is 10 kilometers, in fact, is fooling customers, this must be vigilant.)

(2) Hard indicators such as length, height, width and weight of the whole vehicle cannot exceed the relevant national standards.

(3) The design of the center of gravity of the whole vehicle should be low, and the design of the track should be wide. These are related to the safety performance of the car, and the safety cannot be discounted.

(4) The rear wheel drive of the whole vehicle, front and rear brakes, and the braking distance of the whole vehicle should be controlled within 0.5 meters. Too long braking distance has undoubtedly buried a huge safety hazard.

(5) The climbing ability of the whole vehicle should be strong, the climbing ability should be strong, and the reversing device should be brought

(6) The operation should be simple, the elderly should be easy to get started, and they should not be in a hurry when they encounter an emergency.