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Lead-acid batteries have a strong vitality and can have new activity
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Lead-acid batteries have experienced 150 years of decline, and in the decades after the new batteries such as nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and lithium-ion batteries have been listed, they still can firmly occupy most of the market share; Nearly 20 million vehicles, most of which are equipped with lead-acid batteries; it is no accident that all kinds of diesel locomotives all over the world use a lead-acid battery.

In addition to its traditional advantages such as mature technology, low price and low security, it is closely related to the development of many new technologies in the competition in recent years, such as three-dimensional and double three-dimensional structural electrodes and fully sealed and tubular, New structures such as horizontal; using new lead alloy electrodes, the specific energy can be gradually increased, and the cycle life can be as long as 4,500 times (70% DOD).

Lead acid "super battery" is also one of the latest technologies. Therefore, lead-acid batteries are not outdated, and lead-acid batteries have new technologies. What is a lead acid "super battery"? The so-called lead-acid "super battery", UltraBattery, is the use of super capacitors and lead-acid batteries in parallel (can be called "outside"), evolved into "lead-acid battery with a carbon supercapacitor combination", that is The advantages of high specific power and long life of electric double layer capacitors are integrated into lead-acid batteries, which can simplify the circuit, increase the specific energy, and reduce the total cost while maintaining the advantages of “external” power increase and battery life. It will generate huge economic and social benefits in the electric bicycles that are already developing in China and the electric vehicles that are being started.

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