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Introduction Of Driving Motor Of Golf Carts For Road Use
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Introduction of driving motor of Golf Carts for Road Use:

There are many kinds of four-wheel electric vehicles for domestic use. Most of them are driven by batteries. The typical features are low speed, simple structure and convenient driving.

The efficiency of the driving motor of a family four-wheel electric scooter is particularly important because all the power is transferred to the wheels through the driving motor.In determining the characteristic parameters of the motor according to the main is to meet the continuous power of the car travels at the highest load requirements, but also satisfy the vehicle with maximum peak torque to the requirement of accelerating or climbing a hill, the continuous stable operation of the power refers to the motor output power, finally also need special learn is the basic requirement of the performance of driving motor are: large enough starting torque, in order to meet the four-wheel electric vehicle fast start, acceleration, climbing, frequent opening and stop.