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How to use electric cars more safely
- Aug 22, 2018 -

More and more electric vehicles have entered thousands of households, which are safe and reliable. What problems should we pay attention to in daily use to ensure their multiple layers of security?

1. Children should unplug the electric car key switch when they are playing in the car to avoid risk. Check to see if the door is closed; charging should be in a safe place that children cannot touch.

Second, before getting out of the car every day, check whether the power can be rich. Before the electric car is driving, whether the function can be excellent, whether the screw can be loose, if there is something wrong, it must be cleaned in real time. If there is no problem when the check is completed, the car can be released. .

Third, after each stop, you need to close the power switch, pull out the key, put the gear switch plate to the neutral position, and pull the hand brake.

Fourth, charging local sewing or changing the charging safety wire, you must first unplug the 220V power plug, banned from charging.

5. If the battery or electric appliance of the electric vehicle is replaced or repaired, it is necessary to close the main switch of the power supply and then operate it.

Follow the operating procedures to use the electric car safer and pay more attention to detail.