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How to select a satisfactory four-wheel electric vehicle?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

How to select a satisfactory four-wheel electric vehicle?

Four-wheel electric vehicle has many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection and pollution free, simple operation and low price.Like other goods, can exist a few black heart electric car manufacturer, pursue profit only, in production, use inferior fittings, after consumer is bought, regular occurrence is damaged or cannot run normally problem.

What details should we pay attention to when shopping for four-wheel electric vehicles?

First, vehicle appearance;

Observe the brightness of the baking varnish.Whether the paint is even.

Second, practicality;

Before buying a car, what is the use of buying a car?Drop off the kids?Go shopping?How many people to ride?Choose a suitable and practical model according to your preferences.

Third, local policies;

In a small part of the country, electric four-wheelers are not allowed.Although the car is cheap, but buy also cannot go on the road, also is a kind of waste.

How do you judge if an electric four-wheel can be driven?The best thing to do is to see if anyone is running down the road.Or talk to people who have already bought a car.

Forth,The interior of the car;

It has a beautiful interior that can affect the ride.So, still want to choose a beautiful, clean, do not affect drive safety.In particular, the interior should not affect the rearview mirror.

Fifth, the important parts of the car;The motor and controller must be guaranteed by the seller for a year or more, and these two important parts, if there is no problem within a year, the possibility of problems in the future will be very small.

A brief summary of the purchase of four-wheel electric vehicles: 1. Can it be on the road.2. Is it safe?3. Quality assurance.