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How to charge an Electric Powered Golf Carts?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

How to charge an Electric Powered Golf Carts?

(1) constant charging

It is recommended to charge the battery every day, even if the capacity is not required for a long time.The electric vehicle's power indicator needs to be charged in half, and the battery life is greatly affected by the frequent power off.(2) frequent charging

The cure process begins after the battery discharges, and the apparent cure occurs within 12 hours.Timely charging can remove the less severe vulcanization, otherwise the battery capacity will gradually decline, shortening the battery life.Therefore, in addition to charging every day, it should also be noted that electric vehicles should be charged as soon as possible after use, so as to make the battery full.

(3) regular deep discharge.

The general method is to discharge the battery regularly.The method of complete discharge is to cycle to the first undervoltage protection under normal load of flat road.Note that we particularly emphasize the first undervoltage protection.After the first undervoltage protection, the battery voltage will rise after a period of time and return to the state of non-under voltage. At this time, if the battery is used again, the damage to the battery will be great.(4) pay attention to the charging environment.

Charging the best environment temperature is 25 ℃.Now most of the charger did not adapt to the environment temperature automatic control system, so most of the charger is designed according to the environmental temperature 25 ℃, so in 25 ℃ under the condition of charging is better.When recharging, it is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature-controlled environment.