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How to change the tire for four-wheel electric vehicle?
- Sep 08, 2018 -

When four-wheel electric vehicle is used, tire is also very important component.Because these tires rub against the ground directly in a fast motion, it's easy to have one or another tire problem during use.When there are some problems with the tires of the four-wheel electric vehicle, it is easy to have some potential hazards.Therefore, in the process of driving this kind of vehicle, we must pay attention to the situation of tires in a timely manner. Once we find that the tires have problems, we must replace them in a timely manner.In the process of replacement, the following aspects should be noted:

First, the screw cap needs to be unscrewed when replacing the tire.Lift the whole four-wheel electric vehicle up, use the cover with the wheel cover, pry off the cover, and screw off the screw.

Next, screw off the tire. After removing the tire, replace the spare tire directly. Then screw the screw on and put on the screw cap.

According to these two operation steps, it is very easy to carry out tire replacement for thefour-wheel electric vehicle. Of course, the premise is to be always equipped with tires, so as to eliminate safety hazards in time.