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How to buy electric cars for the elderly
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Look at the brand

There are many brands of electric scooters for the elderly. When selecting, you should consider the qualification of the production company, the time of establishment, the scale of production, the certification passed, etc., which can understand the quality of the product from one aspect.

For ordinary consumers, how to identify whether a brand is a big brand? You can refer to the following methods:

Look at the brand's official website, understand the brand's business philosophy, product line, understand the brand from the surrounding relatives and friends, and learn about the customer's product quality and after-sales service comments from online related forums. (If you don't even have a brand on the official website, don't trust the "big brand" of bad business!)

After sales service

When buying a car, be sure to understand the after-sales service of the product. Older electric vehicles are not the same as other products. Try to choose a manufacturer that can provide home warranty during the warranty period. Otherwise, in the event of a breakdown of the car, it is impossible for the elderly to push the car to the designated repair point for repair.

In addition, it is necessary to select a product with a simple structure of the whole vehicle. As mentioned above, a vehicle with a simple structure has a low failure rate and less trouble for maintenance. This is believed to be understood by everyone.

This point, the author thinks it is very important, indicating that the brand is really doing products with care. The benefits of universal accessories to consumers, it goes without saying that in the event of a breakdown of the car, accessories can be found everywhere, not to wait for the manufacturer's special accessories, the car can not be used.

Selected model

[Select the right model]

Older electric vehicles are generally classified into two types: luxury and simple. The luxury features are complete, but the price is high, the simple structure is concise, economical and practical; consumers should pay attention to this when purchasing.

The so-called luxury type is nothing more than a simple type of plastic shell, the industry is called "plastic parts." In this case, from the appearance, it is very beautiful, but from the practical point of view, such plastic casing can not withstand collision, once the collision is damaged, the maintenance cost is high, the key is that this plastic casing each Manufacturers, each model are inconsistent, that is to say not a universal accessory, it is impossible to implement maintenance and replacement in the local area. If you don't change it, the original luxurious appearance will become very ugly and become a chicken rib.

Relatively luxurious, the simple type of car, because of the lack of plastic casing, the metal structure of the whole car can withstand collision without deformation, in addition, the body can be made more compact and flexible, can enter the elevator, corridor, home, convenient A lot. And because there is no fragile plastic casing, the maintenance costs in later use are very low. It is economical and low maintenance cost.

Check accessories

Accessories must be complete.

The strength requirements and performance requirements of the old scooter parts should be higher than the bicycle. When purchasing, the user should look at the quality of the parts selected for the whole vehicle, such as: whether the frame is welded and the surface is defective, whether all parts are manufactured well, whether the double support is strong, whether the tire is brand-name, whether the fastener is rust-proof, etc. .

Look at speed

The speed is slow, it is safe! The international standard for the speed of electric vehicles for the elderly is 8 kilometers per hour, which is to fully consider the actual physical condition of the elderly. (The car with a speed of 20-50 kilometers per hour is not an authentic old electric car)

The speed can be known by asking the merchant, or, the most intuitive way, is to see it from the dashboard of the car. The maximum scale on the dashboard may not be the top speed of the car, but it can also be a glimpse. A car with an hourly speed of 8 kilometers may use a 12-kilometer dashboard, but it is never possible to use a 60-kilometer, 70-kilometer instrument panel.

safe and comfort

As a product used by the elderly, its safety cannot be ignored. Don't neglect safety and comfort because of the pursuit of too fast speed. Products must be selected to meet the national standards. Because it is usually one or two hours as a means of transportation, the elderly have a relatively slow response to the body, so be sure to be comfortable, so as not to reflect the discomfort after going home at night.

Because the old electric vehicles are used by the elderly, the cruising range is different from the ordinary two-wheeled electric vehicles, and there is no need for too much mileage. In general, the daily activities of the elderly are within 3-5 km, so it is enough to have a battery that can last for 20 kilometers. For long-distance special needs, you can choose a battery of 30 kilometers and 40 kilometers.

If the battery is small, the weight of the body can be lighter. If the anchor breaks down on the way, the old man can push it. Moreover, the braking performance of the brakes is better (because the body is light and the inertia during driving is small), and the safety is higher for the elderly.