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How many Extended Range Electric Vehicles manufacturers are there in China?
- Aug 24, 2018 -

How many Extended Range Electric Vehicles manufacturers are there in China?It was a real scare to speak out.

The domestic new energy vehicle market in 2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The implementation of the new policy of fiscal subsidies and the new power of building cars from "PPT" to real car delivery and the construction of tesla domestic factories will definitely make waves in the Extended Range Electric Vehicles manufacturers

Remember the picture below?

How many brands can you identify?

Wei lai, car and home, weimar, baiteng, xiaopeng, future..

You can count me out

Even people in the auto industry say they are scoundrels

I thought the emergence of a lot of new car-making power would be quite spectacular

Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg

China now has 487 electric car manufacturers, according to foreign media.

That's according to a new report in the Wall Street journal.

The media said current mainstream automakers and startups plan to race to launch electric vehicles in the United States in the next few years to attract niche electric car consumers.

But no matter how competitive this field is in the U.S. market, it's nothing like what's happening in China.


487 what a huge amount of data it is. It seems that all the Internet moguls and famous companies we know have crossed into this war zone.

The emergence of new car manufacturers indicates that new energy vehicles have entered the competitive era.

Can not help but let a person daydream, how many car enterprises can laugh to the end?

After all, there are many examples of premature deaths.

The mischievous "PPT building" crisis caused by the ranger, jia yueting's hasty failure in the United States, the car and home failure of SEV, cloud degree and electronic coffee, these "premature babies" are reluctant to see the market

Industry insiders had predicted that only a small number of manufacturers would survive and start making cars in the future.

This fraction may be only a few per cent, meaning that the vast majority of the 487 will face immediate elimination.

In terms of policy, under the influence of double points, automobile enterprises show polarization in new energy vehicle manufacturing. Some of them hold a large number of points, which is already a gesture of confidence, while some of them have high negative points and are eager to find a way out.

As a result, many multinational companies and their own brands "hold hands". Therefore, double points are the catalyst for the development of new energy vehicles.

In addition, the implementation of the new fiscal subsidy policy has a huge impact on traditional auto enterprises.

In the early stage, in order to quickly occupy the market, some manufacturers introduced low-price, low-mileage new energy vehicles, after the implementation of the new policy will not be subsidized.

It is inevitable that some "subsidy" car companies face delisting. For those auto companies that have positioned their products as high mileage from the very beginning, this new policy will undoubtedly bring more benefits.

On the other hand, in the first half of this year, various new forces have achieved certain breakthroughs, such as the official delivery of weilai and the official launch of the first model of weimar, and the mass production of baiteng is expected to be completed in 2021. The first volume production car is expected to be finalized, and the "dual qualification" of hezhong new energy has been successfully achieved.

It must be acknowledged that the new power of building cars has come a long way from being discredited before, to the point where they are now being delivered in production cars, to some extent getting rid of the "powerpoint only" hat.

But that does not mean that new drivers have come through.

Despite the proliferation of new car-making powers, few really have the manufacturing credentials.

According to the public information, currently there are a total of 16 car companies with new energy production qualification, but these 16 companies can not all produce and sell new energy vehicles, and their products need to be included in the "road motor vehicle production enterprise and product announcement" of the ministry of industry and information technology.

Among the 16 auto enterprises, only 7 have obtained the production qualification of the ministry of industry and information technology, respectively yundu new energy, baic new energy, jiangling new energy, lanzhou zhidou, changjiang automobile, future automobile and union new energy.

Therefore, there is a new power to build cars alongside traditional car companies, trying to achieve mass production through cooperative financing.

It's still hard to move forward, even if a public company like tesla, which is known for its new-build cars, is short on cash, not to mention domestic new-build forces.

Tesla is so tough. Can others be avoided?

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