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How Can Lowest Price Electric Car Save Electricity?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Energy conservation is an eternal topic. When driving an electric sightseeing car, we should pay attention to energy conservation.Lowest Price Electric Car can greatly increase the driving distance by saving electricity. So, how can Lowest Price Electric Car save electricity?

The power saving method of electric sightseeing vehicle is introduced as follows: 

firstly, avoid the rapid acceleration start of electric sightseeing vehicle when starting up; the current in the high-voltage circuit is very large.

Secondly, it is necessary to avoid sudden braking when the electric sightseeing vehicle stops rapidly during driving, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of brake lining, but also the current feedback caused by emergency braking has an impact on the motor controller, affecting the driving distance and the life of the motor controller.

Thirdly, maintain the stable driving speed of the electric sightseeing vehicle. When the road and traffic conditions permit, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed.