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Foreign media:Street Legal Electric Golf Carts Manufacturer challenge the status of global traditional automobile giants
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Foreign media said the rise of Street Legal Electric Golf Carts not only foreshadows a major technological revolution, but also means that the status of traditional automobile giants will be challenged by China's emerging Street Legal Electric Golf Carts manufacturers .

According to Singapore's lianhe zaobao website on March 7, citing, AFP reported an unnamed senior European carmakers, said Germany fu wei root companies 2015 diesel emission detecting fraud scandals, inadvertently promoted the industry transition from traditional internal combustion engine to electric motors, let competitors "abandonment" from China.

Reports said the Geneva motor show, held on August 8, let people see how strong the electric car wave.

The transition will threaten the advantages that traditional car giants currently enjoy, the report said.

In order to improve the performance of internal combustion engines and comply with increasingly stringent anti-pollution regulations, traditional car makers have invested billions of dollars in research and development.

Experts say this is an almost insurmountable barrier to entry for new entrants.

"The electric powertrain is obviously much simpler to make," says Peter koster, an automotive expert at Roland berger, a consultancy.

China is now the best indicator of the market opening.

Reported that Roland berger, electric vehicle market is currently a total of 30 many new companies, including geely and Volvo to jointly organized the "g" (Lynk & Co), tencent technology giants such as injection of wei to car (NIO), as well as "China's musk" li xiang founded "car and home" and the enterprise, is China's new electric car manufacturers.

According to Jato Dynamics, the largest U.S. electric car and solar company, Tesla (tsla), started making electric cars only a decade ago and now sells 75,000, about the same as the renault-nissan alliance.

But the top seller of electric vehicles is Beijing automotive group's EC series, with 78,000 units.

Most of the top 10 were Chinese manufacturers, the report said, with the only traditional carmaker, Chevrolet, owned by general motors of the United States and all of Germany's carmakers absent.

Electric vehicles currently hold just 1 per cent of the market, but are expected to grow by as much as 50 per cent and will soon become an important part of the market.

Mr Roland berger forecasts that by 2025, electric vehicles will account for 17 per cent of sales in China, the world's largest car market.