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Five risks of buying Road Legal Electric Vehicles
- Aug 25, 2018 -

In the last five years, four-wheel electric vehicles have experienced explosive growth. On the one hand, they have brought unprecedented development opportunities to the industry and made outstanding contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction of four-wheel electric vehicles.On the other hand, due to the short development time, the industry standard is not high, and a large number of off-brand electric vehicles and non-brand four-wheel electric vehicles flood the market, causing five major risks that puzzle consumers to buy and use four-wheel electric vehicles.

The first risk, low price risk.Some enterprises blindly pursue low cost, rough manufacturing, they produce electric vehicles, without scientific detection, there are also a large number of safety risks.

The second risk is the risk of expanding publicity.Some dealers and manufacturers, in pursuit of high profits, false publicity.Promised to ride 50 kilometers, the actual new car full of electricity will run 30 kilometers, a month after only 10 kilometers, causing many consumers to reflect the reality and propaganda.

The third risk, information asymmetry, deceives consumers.Part manufacturer, dealer or guide buys a personnel, use consumer to pursue the psychology of base price material benefit blindly, let consumer pay extra extend guarantee period.

The fourth risk is that the core configuration technology is not up to standard, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.Motor, controller, battery and charger are the four core parts of electric vehicles, some off-brand electric vehicles. In the production process, these core parts can save time and improve quality. When consumers buy them, they will easily cause traffic accidents.

Fifth risk, no product, no after - sales.Nowadays electric car market, do not have the relevant formalities such as quality check certificate, appear a problem, consumer can think oneself is unlucky only.

It is hoped that every enterprise engaged in electric vehicle production must increase the investment in scientific and technological research and development, and manufacture high-quality and high-tech products, so as to make contributions to consumers' travel and safety travel.