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Factors Influencing Sales of Renewable Energy Electric Cars
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Factors influencing sales of Renewable Energy Electric Cars:

1. The first is the problem of the endurance of new energy vehicles. A new energy vehicle with an average price range of 150 km usually has a range of more than 130 km.

2. The charging is not convenient and takes a long time.

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, the number of charging piles in big cities is still considerable, but there is a gap between them and the number of new energy vehicles.Charging in small cities is even more difficult. Compared with gasoline vehicles, refueling takes only a few minutes, while new energy vehicles take one to two hours to charge, which takes a long time and is inconvenient.

Batteries are expensive and do not hold their value.

Better battery life takes up to five years and can run hundreds of kilometers at most.If it's a high-end battery, it's more expensive.The combined price is even higher than fuel vehicles.

4. Fundamentally, consumers have some doubts about new energy vehicles.To make consumers accept the new energy vehicles immediately, it may take more efforts from the automobile industry. The future automobile market must belong to the new energy vehicles, which is a fact confirmed by everyone