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Electric vehicle manufacturer solves vehicle breakdown
- Aug 22, 2018 -

If an electric car has various faults and does not solve it, it is different from the scrap car. Not to mention the road to safety, right? So for this phenomenon, electric vehicle manufacturers have made the following summary for you.

First, the electric car glass is difficult to lift. The difficulty in lifting the glass of an electric car can be divided into two reasons: the glass runner and the lifter. If there is a clear gap between the glass and the door rubber strip, it may be that the glass has been undocked. At this time, the door panel should be disassembled to recalibrate the guide groove. If the glass guide is normal and the lifting is difficult, it may be the reason of the lift itself. Just use the shaker to try it out. You can apply butter on the gear or adjust the short rod of the two bolts at the end.

Second, the front cover of the electric car cannot be opened.Into the bottom of the car with a flat-blade screwdriver electric car front cover lock will naturally bounce, and then adjust the position of the lock and the lock hole to prevent the front cover lock again, if the front cover lock is too tight, use the flat mouth A screwdriver adjusts the lock to lengthen the lock. If it is too loose, the opposite is fine.

Third, the electric car wiper motor does not turn or the angle is not correct. The electric motor motor load is easy to generate heat, and the motor does not turn the inspection method with the light. Angle inspection method, when the motor is rotated and reset, the position of the small swing arm should be the position where the wiper can be stopped at the maximum edge, and the length of the small swing arm determines the amplitude of the wiper swing. The mounting surface of the motor fixing plate should be connected with the wiper. The direction in which the swing arm swings is in a horizontal position, otherwise the load on the connecting rod and the motor is increased, and the electric motor motor is easily damaged by heat, and the connecting rod is easy to fall off.

Fourth, electric car brakes are weak or no brakes. First of all, you should feel the softness of the brake pedal of the electric car to judge whether there is still air left in the tubing, and then check if the brake oil of the electric car is enough, whether there is any oil leakage at the brake pump and each tubing connection, if all are normal. , you should check the electric vehicle brake cylinder, if you find that there is a problem with the electric vehicle brake cylinder, you need to replace the electric vehicle brake cylinder.

Different faults, the solution proposed by electric vehicle manufacturers is not the same.