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Electric Low Speed Vehicles needs innovation and development to --adapt to all changes
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Body relatively ordinary cars only half the size, a top speed of not more than 80 km/h, all-electric range at about one hundred kilometers, the once nicknamed "old age" in the name of a four-wheel electric vehicle at low speed, unwittingly, have achieved considerable scale in China. And the concept of "old car" in low-speed electric car fast development of the present is also being gradually collapse.

From the perspective of demand, the main consumer group of four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles is low-income families with an annual income of 30,000 to 80,000. Four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles are the upgrading demand of users of bicycles and motorcycles, rather than the degraded version of passenger cars.From the perspective of management, China has tens of millions of Four-wheel motorcycles on the road legally. 

Although the policy has a huge impact on the business operation of enterprises, the most important thing for enterprises to gain a firm foothold in the market is product research and development. To cope with the current situation of great uncertainty, what they can do is to carefully prepare their products to cope with changes through innovation and research and development.In addition, we also look forward to the introduction of national standards, where the industry will go in the future, facing the fate, let us wait and see.

Not only is the appearance fashion sporting sense, the performance is safe and superior, and the service quality is excellent, so our electric car has been loved by all ages. At the same time, Xinxiang Hezon Xinhui Vehicle Co., Ltd is not limited to the present and looks to the future, and is committed to the development of new energy, constantly expanding and improving the industrial chain of new energy electric vehicles.